Freddy My Love!

OK… I bit the bullet and gave into the hype. On an impulse, I bought a Frederic Fekkai hair care starter kit at Target and I have to say… I am so down with Freddy.  

My hair is long, straight, and though the individual strand is thin, I have a ton of it. I am a highlighting workout! I wash my hair and almost always want to cry as I painstakingly comb thru the inevitable birds nest that is my hair. I’ve tried all the tricks of the trade to get it to not be so tangled after washing… the only thing that works is a deep breath, patience and a good brush. I seethe with jealousy as I watch people comb thru their hair with a quick one’ two of their brush. My hair has been a dishevelled knot of a mess since I was old enough to have hair. 

The point of my wahh-wahh sob story, is that I’m on the expensive hair conditioner band wagon, but up until now, I’ve seen little point to expensive shampoos for me. I have to use half the bottle anyway, so why pay $25?

I saw the kit at Target and thought, for $25 for all three, why not give it a go? I can pop it in my travel beauty case for when I go out of town but still want my hair to look awesome. 

So this weekend, I tried it after coming back from the pool. I brushed thru my hair post wash with relative easy and then let it air dry for a bit so I wouldn’t have to spend 1 hr blow drying. 

And omg.. I could not stop touching my hair. I was the last to be ready because of all the caressing I HAD to do! My hair felt like crushed velvet, it dried beautifully and I quickly straightened it and it looked PERFECT all night and even the next day. I hadn’t brought the glossing product part with me, so this was my hair without even using any product, just shampoo and conditioner and Oklahoma water (yikes!). 

Sold and Sold! The hype is true! 

P.S: I only used a pebble-sized amount of each. So hopefully this lasts me quite some time! 

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